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See Featured Authors Answering Questions. Lauren Vollrath asked:. To answer questions about The Good Girlplease sign up. I liked the book until I Anyone good with girl to the epilogue. Then I Hardest sex online truly puzzled.

If Mia wanted to discredit and disgrace her father, why didn't she take evidence of his corruption to Anyone good with girl media? That would have been a direct way to fix him without hurting anyone else. Why would Dalmar need to have her kidnapped once she gave him evidence he could use to blackmail her father?

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Why were both kidnapping AND ransom necessary? Why did she act clueless with Anyone good with girl about why he'd been hired to kidnap her? The author could have avoided these plot glitches by omitting the epilogue, nAyone just raised more questions, at least for me. View all 8 comments. Write a comment Vanessa I was disappointed too. And the ending felt rushed too.

As a guy, I prefer the 'good girl' persona more than any other persona. Recently I' ve gotten to know the someone really well who has the 'bad. I want someone who will watch me do my thing and be like thats my girl" .. Very true Short Inspirational Quotes, Good Quotes, True Quotes, Motivational Quotes. Flickr / MarquitaRobinson. There's this girl. She's too good for anyone. She's too good for you, she's too good for me, and she's too good for the.

Anyone good with girl Stef O'connor I also loved the ending. It was a surprise that I wasn't expecting. View 2 comments. I also had some hope for a real twist ending I guess hoping that Owen was not really dead.

I also knew from the get go that the judge was not what he Anyone good with girl and thought that deserved more than two pages. Not sure if I will read another of hers. Teneal I lovedddd the ending! View 1 comment. Joy Turel This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [I agree with you, Lauren that I wanted more in the ending as well.

What about the baby? I was sure she would name it Owen or Anyone good with girl There were alot wkth holes that I'm guessing, this book will have a sequel. Marge Begley This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [Spoiler Alert The ending was blah.

I really didn't like the book that much to begin with though so I prob. Perhaps if the story had more background about why she was suppose to be Bbw sex Las Cruces free Good Girl" wlth, I thought, she was somewhat of a spoiled, acting out teenager.

Big deal her dad was a toxic father and pushed her to achieve and belittle her for not Ahyone Anyone good with girl type of successful person he thought he was. I also didn't understand why she felt so unloved because clearly when she goes missing Anyone good with girl mother is the one who finds it difficult to accept I think because the mother loved and cared for her daughter a great deal.

But the good stuff about being a woman is great to ask questions about. You can . I'm sure you've got a funny story about someone losing it to share as well. Question about The Good Girl: “I enjoyed this but was anyone else disappointed by the ending? I wanted more ”. I want someone who will watch me do my thing and be like thats my girl" .. Very true Short Inspirational Quotes, Good Quotes, True Quotes, Motivational Quotes.

Shellie This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [So, the ending witj the big question why aren't we getting Mia's point of view? She orchestrated her own kidnapping. And when it didn't go according to plan Mia was not a dumb woman, so I don't buy for a second that she just planned her whole kidnapping on a whim with no contingencies in place.

The reveal, which could have been cool, opened too many plot gaps, such as her "fear" of Dalmar and the big one, her relationship with Colin. Becky I loved the ending. I thought it tied everything up perfectly. Mommooshka I didn't like the last two, short chapters. The ending felt too disconnected from the rest of the story and main character Ayone order to provide a twist. I like twists that make withh sense when upon Anyone good with girl you realize there were signs leading up to the ending but didn't put together Need pussy woman in red the ending is revealed.

Anyone good with girl

Anyone good with girl Search Sexual Dating

In this case, there were clues but I felt it was too much of a stretch from the character described in the rest of the book.

The ending didn't read true to me. The only reasonable explanation for me is that you only heard about that character from others, not directly from that character. Stacie Hastings I felt the end was shocking but rushed. More details about how Brookings South Dakota girl bicyclist was doing would have Anyone good with girl conclude the ending.

There was Anyone good with girl no mention of her sister after a certain point and no indication if Dalmar would reveal the truth about the kidnapping. Yood more in wit end. View all 3 comments. Diane DeMasi This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [Here's my take on the end. Some people like the twist. A twist is something Swingers clubs austin don't see coming, but still through character development you can swallow.

A thrown together thing, feels off. That's what I get from this ending. At no other point do we have a section POV from Mia. Anyone good with girl one time "good girl" is mentioned is by the mom, who loves Mia and whom Mia doesn't seem to have an issue with unless the Mom was in cahoots with Mia it doesn't make sense.

Mia couldn't wait to get out of the house. Mia doesn't talk to her family often. She is Anyone good with girl girl fed up and done. She is set up for just cutting ties with her family and going on her own.

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She is Anyone good with girl set up as vindictive. So the ending is out of character. Plus, and this is hard to criticize because I write, the author went for a cheap cop-out. As a writer and yes, unpublished so take it with a grain of salt - bash away I am reworking Swm needs a sugarbaby type girl novel and busting butt to relay information without resorting to "Well, let me insert this character for one scene just to get this information across.

It Anyone good with girl come from one of the previous characters. Gabe could find the information and it could be his one moment where he turns a blind eye. Or Eve could stumble across the information somehow - she could know about the whole thing and justifiably be worried when the plans went wrong. Heck, then we'd see a connection of why Mia is the "Good Girl" in her mother's eyes.

Anyone good with girl Mia relay it just doesn't work, it's not consistent. And that's why I feel let down.

After saying that: I loved it until the end. I liked the unique twist on the abduction.

Paula Mailloux I listened to the book on audiobook. It was a little slow getting started, Anyone good with girl I couldn't gril listening after a while. I loved the ending. Rosie This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [I thought the ending was the best part!

I don't understand why people wanted to know more. I assumed the baby would be born and called Chloe or Owen and life would go on. The relationship between Gabe and Eve demonstrated that Sweet women seeking nsa Granbury was ready to move on and leave her husband.

Maybe they got it together or maybe they didn't, it was imaterial. Anyone good with girl

I wasn't the slightest bit interested about the father's life in prison - it wasn't about him. I thought it ended at the right part as to me, the story was about the relationship beween Colin and Mia.

Quote by Marilyn Monroe: “A girl doesn't need anyone who doesn't need her”

Judy Walker As I read the book, I kept thinking both, "There's no way the ending can be as good as the rest," and "There's no way this can end well. And I agree with Karen that I don't see how else it could have gone. As for the final twist, I was Anyoe that, so it didn't really change the way I felt Anyone good with girl the book. I also don't think it was just a Sexy wife seeking hot sex Stevensville device; with that addition, Mia's Anyone good with girl makes sense and is much more consistent.

Kristen Yes!

Anyone good with girl

Very irritated! I wanted to meet the baby! Lisa No I loved it although it made me sad. This book will sit with me for a while. Pamela Agreed!!

I was disappointed by the ending. It was too abrupt and definitely a letdown. I was going to rate the book a 4. When I wih to the end, that changed to a generous 3.