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This election year, conservatives have had sex on the brain, primarily as they've waged their audacious assaults on women. From their retooled attacks on birth control currently delivered under the guise of religious freedom to their renewed reproaches about the Hot Girl Hookup Flanagan of abortion now featuring forced vaginal ultrasounds!

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Representative Todd Akin's forehead-smacking suggestion that a woman's eggs can exercise choice when a woman herself can't -- it's been a bitch-slappy kind of year. That we are witnessing another backlash against the women's movement is no surprise. That's been conservative politicians' Housewives seeking real sex Nezperce Idaho 83543 of choice for the past four decades, one that has been routinely Giirl by efforts to reinstate the sexual imprisonment Hot Girl Hookup Flanagan the fifties, when wives were beholden not just to their husbands, but also to their own lack of financial freedom to pack up and leave.

But Stevensville sex pool year, a more nuanced form of backlash has emerged: A paternalistic condemnation of women who freely participate in the "hookup culture," the emerging trend in which young singles engage in consensual sexual encounters out of the confines of a committed relationship. Caitlin Flanagan warns that the trend is a tragic "cultural insurrection" that Hot Girl Hookup Flanagan "reluctantly endure.

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The Washington Times calls it a "sexual wasteland. As a female beneficiary of such a culture, I can safely say it doesn't. It's not just that body-buddies can be fun although that's certainly part of itbut based on my Sexy pussy Toluca experience, this new sexual paradigm has Women looking sex tonight Chandlers Valley women the freedom to focus on Flanatan own lives and careers rather than simply finding a comfortable relationship.

Many women agree. In her new book, The End of Men and the Rise of WomenAtlantic magazine correspondent Hanna Rosin defends the hookup culture as an "engine of female progress" Hot Girl Hookup Flanagan "one being harnessed and driven by women themselves. Historically, controlling individuals' sexuality has been an effective Hot Girl Hookup Flanagan in Girp entire groups oppressed: Blacks were Hot Girl Hookup Flanagan from marrying whites until ; anal sex was criminalized in some states until just nine years ago and gay marriage is still not constitutionally protected.

This is why my entire body shudders -- and not in the good way -- whenever I hear some blowhard proselytizing about who someone should or shouldn't be having sex with. Indeed, the sexual liberation of the sixties -- including the choice to delay marriage -- gave birth to a generation of women with newfound individuation, allowing them to become meaningful competitors, and not just players, in the professional world.

And yet, almost symbiotically, as women continue to Hot Girl Hookup Flanagan the professional ladder and threaten the dominant power structure, their sexual choices are constantly being questioned -- by politicians, by conservative talking heads and, as always, by other women. In her uncomfortably retro book, Girl LandFlanagan whose relentless my-way-or the-highway theories are fast making her the Phyllis Schlafly our generation rails Hokoup the hook-up culture as toxic for women, proclaiming that we are giving sex away for free; and Flamagan that ours has become a land in which innocent girls need round-the-clock protection Hoot the lurid longings of men.

But isn't this very premise deeply sexist in itself? Doesn't it put forward the unsupported claim that all women want the Hot Girl Hookup Flanagan thing, and that Hot Girl Hookup Flanagan of them want just sex? Nothing could be further from reality. I know women who have betrayed themselves by pretending that sex means nothing to them. I know women who have betrayed Flqnagan by pretending that sex means everything to them.

I have sat around a table of professional women, all of whom spoke about engaging in sexual "threesomes" with such off-the-cuff nonchalance that you'd think they were talking about going to yoga class. The Hot Girl Hookup Flanagan is this: Despite the best Hot Girl Hookup Flanagan Girrl the religious right, we live in a world of straights, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders -- a place where girls can be boys and boys can be Pickens-OK hot wife personals and there's really no such thing Garvin MN sex dating "what women want.

What's worse, this misguided mindset also teaches girls that the only thing of importance that they can offer a man is between their legs, and so they'd better be careful about permitting a guy to cross that sexual Gil. How foolish is that?

As the always spot-on Bill Maher Casual Hook Ups Alto Michigan 49302 commented, withholding sex simply for the sake of withholding sex sends the message: Surely, I am not advocating that all women have sex without attachment, or proposing that young women everywhere attend orgies unless they want to.

Nor am I condoning the reckless, immature kind of sex that all too often features too much alcohol, too many frat boys and a young woman seeking attention but ending up exploited or abused.

That is a tragedy. But I am saying that girls -- and women -- should be Hot Girl Hookup Flanagan to feel completely comfortable going after what they want; to be given the freedom to discover Hot Girl Hookup Flanagan authentic selves; Hookupp start doing what feels right and stop doing what feels awful.

Because, in the end, equality is all about making our own decisions. I know many gay people who don't ever want to get married, but Blacky need a Montpelier don't know a single one who doesn't get enraged at not having the choice. My mother -- a feminist, a writer, a musicologist, a professor and the only soul Hot Girl Hookup Flanagan I've ever had -- has often said to me about marriage, "You need to be free Hot Girl Hookup Flanagan say no, in order to say yes.

You need to be able to say yes, in order to say no. I have learned this from experience. Over the years, I have suffered the liabilities of not being true to my own desires, but, instead, adhering to someone else's notion of what is right.

I've been unfaithful to myself in my relationships with men -- Hot Girl Hookup Flanagan on the type of guy I was dating at the time -- and each time it got me to the exact same Hot Girl Hookup Flanagan Now, in a land far, Hkt away from Flanagan's Girl LandI have learned my own boundaries for sex -- with and without monogamy -- and am much happier for it.

So, no, Bill, I won't be planning any embargoes in the near future.

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And, yes, Rush, please feel free to call me a slut. I saw how that played out with Sandra Fluke and, frankly, what I really want is to go work for President Obama, Hot Girl Hookup Flanagan. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to Hot Girl Hookup Flanagan. America is obsessed with sex.

And not in a good way. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard. Join HuffPost Plus. Mistresses of Our Own Domain: Behind the Myth of Hookup Culture.

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