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Leaving town and amp wanna fuck one more time

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The Massgrav giglog. Click the images for more photos from that specific show. Over the last few years, we've been rubbish at updating the giglog. This is because it takes too fucking Lezving. The thing that takes the most time is the photos.

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So now we post those Taking what i want on Facebook instead, and just do text here, ok? Sometimes we play on the other side of the globe, sometimes we just take the train a few hours north. Ok, so this was the first time ever, but still. Check out what happened the first time left Europe and flew tiime South America. We played fuc, 2nd edition of it and when it was time for the 9th, we decided to return once again to Play Fast or Don't in Czech Republic.

Leaving town and amp wanna fuck one more time

Notorious for being a shit country to tour in. No food, no free beer, nowhere to sleep and very few decent venues, forcing you to play in pubs, pay for everything and live in squalor. This was by far the bloodiest time though! Ok, so we went to Russia.

A lot of stuff happened so we're gonna have to split this one into several parts. Here are the first ones:. Leaving town and amp wanna fuck one more time the story of our first gig ever with Beautiful mature wants sex personals Henderson, together with Makabert Fynd, check it out!

Long enough that we decided to break the rules and Sweet wife want nsa Volcano set up a gig ourselves, which has never happened before. Two bands are good Moberly-MO no string attached sex and you get more money when you only have to split it two ways, right?

Anyway, they put on a good show, playing their ultra complicated, intricate songs one Sayyadina song contains enough riffs to put toghether a whole Massgrav EP and then it was our turn. People seemed to like it. A lot. Oh, one more thing. Our old Uppsala merch record was shot down in flames, we Leaving town and amp wanna fuck one more time pretty much cleaned out of shirts — thank you very much for supporting us, even if you just buy the shirt and download the songs.

Alla punkare e horor Vi skiter i Persson Hatfylld och nerpissad Arbetarklass Mona Sahlin, fy fan Utan trosor i Tyrolen Killar med liten kuk gillar grind Socialdemokraterna Uppsala — again!

We like Uppsala so no complaints, people are usually good to us there. We were a bit concerned though, communication with the guy who set up the gig was erratic to say the least and the line-up deteriorated from a great one, containing a number of awesome bands, to one containing only bands we'd never heard or in most cases: For quite a while, we were starting to think the whole thing was off but fortunately, we were wrong.

Since Norse preferred to travel with his more famous buddies in Nice Idiot, we all met up in Uppsala and started off by having a pretty decent Indian meal a few blocks from the venue the gig food looked as appetizing as it always does, like somebody threw up in a giant aluminum pot.

Stuffed within an inch of bursting, we walked back, since NI were due to play maybe that's why they didn't move around a lot on stage — Indian food is dangerous that way, the famous Balti coma, you know. Anyway, Norse and the boys Leavinf their thing commendably, while the others manned the merch booth.

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Then ensued a classic confusion that happens so often at these things. The band seemed like nice enough people, but the vocalist's outfit and dance routine turned the whole thing into some sort of joke we didn't quite get. Somebody mentioned Nina Hagen. In a way it was nice to see something different than the standard hardcore punk routine. So, after that, we got on stage, plugged in and all that stuff. We had a very unusual set list this time, consisting of Hot asian women single Laos xxx acts: The now usual intro of three fast songs that all start Lesving with Norse screaming Leaving town and amp wanna fuck one more time head off.

Old and odd songs we haven't played much, or Leavimg quite a while. Three new Lwaving and a cover. Hits and favorites you all know and love.

Sickest verse in a rap song!! |

This turned out to be Added to the abysmal on-stage sound first time we ever had to restart TWO songswe were struggling to get in our usual pace and it was clear that three new songs in a row was a bit too much for the audience.

Anyway, halfway through, we switched to the list of all time favorites and things worked out ok in the end.

Not our best gig ever, but they can't all be, right? Come see us again and we'll do better. Oh, that's right, we fuuck asked not to be so hard on Ungdomens Hus the venue this time. I won't lie, fudk sound on stage sucked hairy ass and maybe a bit more advertising would have brought more people, but apart from that, this is a great place and the people in Uppsala are very fortunate to have it.

David Allan Coe - One More Time - YouTube

We even had time to do a bit of painting, as our "dressing room" was some sort of art room — great! Falsck Security Mera bruk i baljan, boys Mona Housewives want sex tonight AL Shoal creek 35242 Allt e skit Skitsystem cover We dropped off our stuff at the venue which had been changed two weeks earlier, not that anyone had told us or anything, but hey Ok, I guess it takes a real mastermind to figure this out but apparently the reason why Leaving town and amp wanna fuck one more time played before the local nobodys was that then everyone would show up early.

Yeah, great plan. Only, it might have worked a lot better if anyone itme thought of informing people about the schedule, say, the day before or so. Would have been Leaaving if they had been cold though, but hey Our trusty driver, Mr crust as fuck, and his not so trusty car drove us to the hotel, so we could unwind and have a cold beer in the library, by the fireplace.

We walked back to the venue, drank some warm beer and sold a few shirts and before we knew it, it was time to play.

The crowd was more than big enough, before long we were sweating like pigs. We packed up and grabbed a cab adn to the hotel and threw ourselves in the pool. We also did a few rounds on the gym equipment to let the muscles cool off slowly from the gig.

Leaving town and amp wanna fuck one more time

Very nice. Unfortunately, we had to leave before long, as we were planning to catch AC4 and Moderat Likvidation at Scharinska, a much more fancy venue where the more mature bands got to play.

The rain was pissing down so we called another cab — this was getting expensive. Uppsala, May 17 This gig was sort of last minute, we only knew of it a week in advance or so — probably some other, better and more popular band cancelled or something.

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Seemed like a good thing, organized by good people and all that, plus Uppsala is always smp super place to play — Uppsala loves Massgrav and we love Uppsala right back. However, as the day drew closer, things started Lwaving bad. Ola had some family-related problems and was very uncertain as to whether he'd be able to make it to Uppsala.

On the day of the gig, we still didn't know, so Norse and Indy went to Uppsala early to work on a backup plan. This was all very amusing, Norse playing the guitar, Martin the bass, Indy the drums "Va? However, the world has yet to find out what that band sounds like, because at the last minute, Ola was able to hop into his car to join the others. As he was driving, the others had a fantastic barbeque at Steffe's place — sucks to be Ola!

Thanks, Leaving town and amp wanna fuck one more time We met up at Diskonto's rehearsal space we were borrowing amps from them and walked over to the gig.

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Headed Auburn girl fuck Disaster were about to go on fortunatetly the singer had ditched his kilt and balaklava outfit this time and the place was already like a sauna. Lots of people, lots of cheap beer but very little fuxk.

The Blinds were late so we agreed to go on second, happy to play as early as possible when people wouldn't be totally destroyed by the heat and humidity.

Uppsala feels like a second home to us, we met tons of people we know, most of them from there but also a good few from Stockholm and other places.

Things were feeling good. Great venue, lots of friendly faces, lots of Leaving town and amp wanna fuck one more time shirts on people. So we got onstage and started ripping through our rather short set and things were great! People moshed like crazy, stole the mikes repetedly, Steffe got on stage to do a soccer related chant Again, one of our fave gigs. Naturally, we hung out after the show, to talk to people and see the other bands but we were too lazy to sell any stuff this time but we all left before A.

Set list: Vuxenliv As we drove south, it started raining.

Having seen what the food at the venue looked like like puke on a plate, with peas added to itwe took off to look for pizza. In the rain.